5 Great Ways To Boost Your Careers Program In 2020

At Study Work Grow, we’re always looking for ways to work smarter (not harder).

Here are a few of our top suggestions for saving time and enhancing your Careers Program in 2020. And all without increasing your workload.


Start proactively managing your time

Some simple changes to your routine can make a massive difference to what you get done.

Start each day by writing a to-do list (and ticking off items as you go), take some time to build a quick reference system for your files and information, and put time aside for speaking with students.

We’re all for good time management, and you can find some more Time-Saving Tips for Careers Advisors here.


Set SMART goals for your Careers Program

Tennis great Ash Barty has said that her structured goal-setting process played a vital role in her rise to World No. 1, and there is strong evidence that shows writing down your goals can drastically increase your chances of success.

If you have some ideas for goals you’d like to achieve for your Careers Program, then try using our Goal Generator to kick-start the process. It’s designed to help you create specific, realistic and measurable goals that’ll get you where you want to go.

We created the Goal Generator for you to use with your students, but it works just as well for teachers and professionals (we sent it around the office, and everyone was hooked).

Find the Goal Generator here.


Incorporate free careers resources into your Careers Program

There are loads of engaging resources available for students.

While most of us will know about the popular ones (like Job Jumpstart or Labour Market Insights), did you know there are also free videos, guides, articles produced by many industry and educational bodies?

We often find fantastic resources like this one from Master Builders Australia with industry insights and careers advice or this Guide to Becoming a Doctor from the Australian Medical Association.

And you can use all of the resources we produce in your Careers Program as well. For example, each week we create a different Job Spotlight which you can share with students and use in class. These resources save you from needing to create your own.


Allow students to manage their Career Portfolios

The evidence is mounting that fewer students are getting into university with their ATAR alone (see Mitchell Institute Report, Crunching the Number) and that students will also need to keep track of their accomplishments throughout their time at school.

Start this process by encouraging students to keep a record of each award, participation certificate, extra-curricular activity, group project, and accomplishment in a safe place, then refer to their Portfolio when teaching about resumes in class.

In the long run, this approach to proactively recording accomplishments will give students a better chance of success, and the sooner they start it, the better.

That’s why we’ve created a cloud-based Portfolio Platform – it’s easy to use and can be deployed as part of your Careers Program. Some schools are using homegroup time or career classes to ensure that Portfolios are updated regularly.

Find out more about the Portfolio here.


Put Work Experience back into the timetable 

 If you find Work Experience difficult, you’re not alone. We asked for feedback about Work Experience from Careers Advisors across Australia, and we found that many of you find it challenging to get placements and then keep track of the paperwork.

We’ve spent the past few months putting together a comprehensive Work Experience database – students can find placements offered by a vast range of industries and employers in just about every location in Australia. Send your students to the database and encourage them to find an opportunity of their own.

Our new Work Experience system is launching at the start of Term 1, and it will help you keep track of where students are going, manage the paperwork and help you unlock more placements through your school community.


We’re looking forward to what’s coming in 2020

There are a lot of new products and services on the way this year from the team at Study Work Grow, and we’re excited to share new and exciting ways to engage students with careers information.

Your students can access all of our features as part of your membership right now, so get them to sign up as soon as school starts back.

The sign-up system is easier than ever for students and parents – watch out for an email tomorrow with details and video instructions.

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