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9 quick tips to make life at school easier in 2020

Already doing ok at school but want some hacks to make life easier? Maybe you’ve made a resolution to do better at school this year, or your parents would like you to achieve more.

It might not be about your ability, but more about your approach. Changing your habits or routine could make all the difference this year and take some of the pressure out of high school.


  1. Set specific goals

Decide what’s important to you and set out to achieve it. Listing your goals could help you stay focused. Breaking it down into short term actions could help you stay on track and achieve your aims without spending so much time on struggle street.


  1. Become a time management mastermind

Always show up for school and make sure you get there on time.

Avoid distractions between classes, tell your mates you’ll catch them later, use the bathroom during official breaks, have all your books organised and avoid return trips to your locker.

Make yourself a study plan and stick to it. Put all the important dates for homework, assignments and exams for example into a calendar and set reminders.


  1. Create balance in your life

Make sure you allow yourself enough time to study, but not too much.

Leave enough time for activities and hobbies, as well as catching up with friends and relaxing.

Don’t commit yourself to a course load that is going to overwhelm you – try choose subjects that will be challenging, interesting and will help you get into the uni course or career you’d like.


  1. Participate more

More engagement in class could help you learn and remember information more effectively.  It will show your teachers that you’re listening and trying your best (or if there’s gaps in your knowledge or understanding they need to address).

Outside the classroom, participation in events, extracurricular activities and life in general could improve your perspective, increase your skill set and make you happier.


  1. Try new things

Why not try:

  • a new hobby
  • a workshop
  • putting yourself up for a role at school you’ve never done
  • a part time job
  • volunteering
  • getting work experience

You could learn a lot about yourself, your passions and abilities.


  1. Get help

There’s no need to struggle.

Teachers will have additional resources if you’re not up to speed. Mentoring and tutoring could help if you’re falling behind or just need a boost.

Outside of schoolwork, there are lots of people and places where you can go to get the help you need before things get too bad.


  1. Create a study network

Build yourself a support network and remember to use it.

In addition to using the help and resources available to you (number 6), you could form study groups with students in your classes – not just your friends. Share knowledge, collaborate on projects and make new friendships. You’ll just have to make sure you can stay on track.

Visit your local library, research events and workshops happening in your area. Try to complement your school studies and enjoy yourself.


  1. Stop procrastinating

Get organised and be self-motivated to make the most of your time.

  • Get organised
  • Be efficient
  • Prioritise
  • Limit social media
  • Don’t leave homework, assignments or revision until the last minute

It’s not very rock and roll but it could help your perform better overall, reduce your stress and leave more time for guilt-free fun stuff.


  1. Look after yourself

Yep, this old chestnut again.

We can’t emphasise enough how important you are, so practise self-care and you’ll set yourself up for success.

  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat well
  • Stay hydrated
  • Exercise
  • Avoid toxic situations and relationships
  • Learn to say “no”

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