Volunteer with St John Ambulance NT

St John Ambulance NT is a not-for-profit organisation that has been serving the Northern Territory community through its divisions of volunteers since 1953, and ensures that members of the public have access to first aid services at a range of community and public events.

You can volunteer with St John from as young as eight years old. There are plenty of benefits and opportunities that come with volunteering, including:

  • Providing quality First Aid Services to the Northern Territory’s wide range of community, social, sporting events, concerts, shows and festivals
  • Learning in a safe but challenging environment
  • Learning lifesaving skills
  • Participating in Cadet Competitions
  • Opportunities to gain accredited courses to help with employment opportunities
  • Working alongside Adults and learn leadership skills for life

Find out more about how you can join here: https://www.stjohnnt.org.au/volunteer/volunteering

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