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Tips to Ace High School from a Tennis Prodigy

Ameliija Swaffer-Selff has just finished high school, graduating with an impressive OP1 – all while training to become one of the next great tennis players.

From the small town of Moura in Queensland, she shared some tips with the ABC that helped her balance school and sports successfully.

Of course, dedication, hard work and motivation are a big part of her success. At the end of the day, giving it your best shot means more than being naturally gifted.

Ameliija and her parents also say that living in a rural town doesn’t have to be a barrier – though there are some disadvantages, you are just as capable as anyone else.

“Focus on chasing your goals and being a good person at the same time,” she said.

Now, Ameliija is on her way to study law and hone her tennis skills in Tennessee, USA.

Read more about Ameliija’s journey through high school here:

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