Take a Gap Year and Earn Money

The idea of a gap year can sometimes seem a bit daunting – what if I want to go away on an awesome holiday, but I don’t have enough money? And you probably don’t want to spend all your time working.

Well, there are some ways you can combine the two. Year 13 has written a great article featuring some gap year ideas that are more interesting than your standard holiday.

1. Work and ski in Japan

If you love the snow, this one could be for you. Spend your time at a ski resort (for free!) while working as a ski instructor, or in retail, hospitality or concierge work. Check out boobooSKI to learn more.

2. Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary

What if you want to give something back during your gap year? Totally Travel can send you to animal and wildlife sanctuaries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. You have the chance to get some good hands-on experience with the animals.

3. Be an Au Pair in Canada

Maybe sports and the outdoors isn’t your thing – how about working as an au pair? JCR AU Pairs can set you up with a host family, and in exchange for some housework and babysitting, you get free accommodation, meals, and some money to experience the sights on your days off.

Read the full article at Year 13 here: https://year13.com.au/articles/gap-years-ideas

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