Study Fashion and Textiles (Sustainable Innovation) with RMIT

New advents in technology and sustainability are changing the way we look at fashion and clothing. The way clothes are being made is also changing.

The Bachelor of Fashion and Textiles (Sustainable Innovation) from RMIT will delve into new ways of creating fashion and textiles with more sustainable methods. You will explore industry-relevant knowledge and projects, ethical and sustainable practices, and material and digital technologies. You will also have the opportunity to minor in either fashion design, textile design, or fashion enterprise.

This course could open the door to a variety of careers, including:

  • materials designer, researcher, innovator, or production manager
  • digital fashion innovator or product manager
  • fashion experience creator
  • fashion coder or sustainability compliance officer
  • sustainable sourcing manager
  • corporate social responsibility (CSR) manager
  • product developer
  • production manager
  • fashion design engineer
  • fashion or textile technologist

The Selection Rank for this course is 75.40.

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