Safety Planning Checklist

The Safety Planning Checklist from 1800 RESPECT goes over some simple things you can do to stay safe, whether you’re directly affected by family violence or living in a household where abuse is taking place.

If you’re considering making a safety plan, you can get in touch with a support service (such as 1800 RESPECT) who could give you more ideas for your specific situation.

They don’t have a section for students, however here are some ideas for things you could do if you’re at school and worried about violence at home:

  • Keep the things you need for school in a safe place
  • Ask for extensions if you can’t complete work on time
  • Ask for extra copies of assignments and forms if you lose access to them
  • Speak with a trusted teacher or guidance counsellor about what’s going on if you feel comfortable doing so
  • Make copies of assignments and important work, then store them in the cloud or send a copy to a friend

For the full Safety Planning Checklist click here.


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