7 apps to help you manage your money

You’re never too young to start learning good money habits, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to do or stay on track.

Like pretty much everything else in 2020, there are apps to help out.

Here’s a few that we think are interesting, if you don’t find the right one for you on our list, decide what you’d like from an app and a simple search will probably provide you with a tonne more options.


  1. Got a bank account?

Banks will mostly have their own apps and since you’ve got an account with them, chances are it will be free to download and use – bonus. If you don’t have a bank account yet, then maybe this a timely reminder to get one sorted out, then you’ll be able to access their free services (including apps) too.

They could allow you to manage your funds, check your balance, transfer between accounts, pay for stuff, and budget your money. You could also check if the app features ‘tap and pay’ so you use your phone to pay for things instead of taking your cash cards with you and risk losing them.


  1. FamZoo

If you don’t have a bank account, this family app could be handy to help you and your parents keep on top of all things financial in your world. With options to mark when chores are completed, send lunch money reminders to your folks, see when and where you’ve spent money, get your parents to pre-load a virtual debit card with funds when you need them.

There is a fee for this app, and be warned parental involvement is required. In fact they get to more control than you do and could even turn off your debit card to protect you from fraud…… or as a punishment.


  1. iAllowance

Keep track of chores and pocket money you’ve earned and get rewards which you can track and cash-in when you reach your goals.

Get your allowance transferred direct to your account, set up different “banks” for different funds like travel, lunch, phone etc. And track your spending from each bank. Keep track of your rewards online and convert them into real world treats or extra money.


  1. Mint

If you’re serious about your finances, you’ve got your own bank account and maybe you’re earning a wage. Plus you’ve got goals and targets that you’d like to hit, this budgeting app could be the one for you.

It offers a wide range of features, including a budgeting tools, which is the first thing you’ll see when you log in. You’ll receive alerts when you go over budget, can track your spending, or see your overall cash flow at a glance. It could help you understand  where your money goes each month and make it easier to rein in your spending.


  1. Pocketguard

If you’re a chronic over spender whose money is always burning a hole in your pocket, then this app could put the brakes on for you.

It links to all your accounts and tracks your spending, gives you a breakdown of where you spend money and even suggest ways to save you money and improve your financial health.


  1. Busykid

Earn, save, share, spend and invest your allowance.

Loaded with features to help you learn great money habits, you can even donate part of your earnings, start your own investment portfolio and buy shares, and learn to spend responsibly.

There’s no subscription fee when you sign up either.


  1. Greenlight

This app costs $4.99 a month but that’s for the whole family (including up to 5 children) – you don’t need a device to use this system either, but if you do the kids app can help you learn even more about your financial health and habits.

It includes a debit card per child, automated allowances, instant transfers to your card, real time updates about your spending and account balance, customised savings goals, apply pay and your parents can even limit which stores you’re able to use your money in (handy if you have a weakness for one particular shop).





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