7 stay-at-home resources

Stuck in quarantine, or school’s been shut down because of the recent Corona Virus outbreak? Here are some useful activities and resources you can access without stepping foot outside your front door.


  1. Build yourself a Portfolio

Portfolios are a really great way to record all your achievements from studies, skills, and activities to references, in the one spot.

You could take some time to get organised, ensuring you never lose important dates and details again.

You’ll even be able to share items or the whole portfolio in PDF format, add references, and set reminders to update your portfolio down the track.

Plus when you’re ready to apply for a job, course, or tertiary institution, all the information is ready to go and creating a customised, professional resume will only take minutes.


  1. Win some stuff

Taking part in competitions can be really good fun, and there are thousands out there to choose from, so you’re bound to able to find something that floats your boat.

Aside from the fun aspect, some competitions have seriously cool prizes and could even earn you some $$$’s.

Plus, taking part in competitions (even if you don’t win) counts towards your lifetime achievements and teaches you new skills, all of which looks great on your resume.

Here are some of the competitions that we’ve found.


  1. Set some goals, and then kick them

If you’re not convinced that you should bother setting goals, why not have a read of our blog, it could change your mind.

Perhaps you’ve already set goals but your struggling to keep track of them?

Just a few minutes spent on our Goal Generator could help you narrow down the goals that really matter to you, set milestones and a timeline that could help you stay accountable. You can download your personalised goals, print them out, pop them in your calendar or stick them up on your wall for motivation.

It could be a bit of fun to do with the rest of your family too.


  1. Research Higher Education Providers

When you’re busy at school and running between activities, there’s probably not much time to consider your post-high school options, let alone have a search through the institutions and see what they offer.

But if you’re having an enforced period of couch time, why not start doing some research?

Our database lists 95 universities and other tertiary institutions, with links to their official websites, it could be a simple place to get started. You can search by state, qualification level, or career field to help narrow down your options.

Remember you can also check out the universities FAQs section, call to speak to an advisor in future students, or ask questions by email or in chat sessions.

Worried your Year 12 results won’t get you into the course you want after you’ve done your research, then you can also check out the alternative pathways offered by the education provider you’re interested in studying with.

And if you’re considering vocational education (VET) including an apprenticeships, traineeships or other TAFE courses as a pathway to the career you’d like, then our dedicated page has loads of information and options that could interest you.


  1. Save money with Scholarships

When you’re thinking about your future, most people will be thinking about money – how much will the course cost you and how you can afford to live while you study.

Take some time to read up about scholarships, they’re literally giving money away.

Sure you have to submit an application for most of them, but an application won’t take too long (the more you do, the faster you’ll get), and it would be time well spent.

So if you’re interested in a particular career pathway or institution, why not see what financial boosts are available to you. You could start your search on our scholarships database.


  1. Join in via the virtual world

Thankfully in the modern world of technology, we’re never really isolated, so if you’re craving some interaction or you’d like to spend some time productively, you could sign up for online courses, webinars, online information sessions, tedx talks, and more.

Here are some the webinars we’ve found:

[tribe_events view=”list” category=”webinar” tribe-bar=”false”]


  1. Prioritise yourself

Take some time to look after yourself, your physical and mental health.

You’ll stand the best chance of warding off illnesses when you’re in great shape, eat healthily, stay hydrated and get lots of sleep. But your mental health can also impact on how well your immune systems functions.

So why not read some tips on wellbeing, take the opportunity to change implement some healthy new habits and embrace the enforced break from all your usual routine.

If you’re not sure where to start we’ve lots of posts and blogs that you could check out on our wellbeing page.


Adult like a boss

While you could happily binge watch Netflix and make Tik Tok videos for a few weeks, spending some of your time a bit more wisely could be a great investment for your future.

Plus, your initiative and motivation will be bound to impress your parents and school, and there’s no such thing as “too many brownie points”.

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