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Staying active at home

Just because you’ve got to stay at home, doesn’t mean you’ll have to turn into a couch potato.

Staying active is great for your physical and mental health but it’s also a fantastic way to pass some time. There are tonnes of work out routines already available online, with more being added by the day, as well as free live streaming classes and free trials of apps.

If none of those appeal to you how about one of these ideas:

Hold a dance off challenge for members or your family, or get online and do it with your mates

Practise your ball skills in the backyard.

Do some skipping to get your heart rate up – no skipping rope? See what you could use from around the house or your dad’s shed as a substitute.

Shoot some hoops.

Lucky enough to have a pool, do some laps and get competitive with yourself, see how many you can do in a set time.

Get out the backyard cricket set and get your whole family playing.

Set up exercise stations in your backyard, on the driveway or in a room in your house then do circuits, time yourself and see how many exercises you can do at each station. How many push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, jump-rope turns, burpees, and step-ups can you do in 45 seconds? How about a minute? Keep track of how well you do and see how you improve over time.

Mow the lawn for your parents.

Get on GoNoodle and perfect some of the routines.



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