Virtual Work Experience

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Virtual Work Experience

Sometimes it can be tricky to find work experience. Maybe the program you wanted to do is full, or it’s in a city that’s far away.

Luckily, there is another option.

Virtual work experience is becoming increasingly popular. It gives students from anywhere in the country the chance to experience working in a place they might not have had the option to before.

We have gathered some virtual work experience resources for you to check out.

  1. InsideSherpa

InsideSherpa is an Australian-based company that offers virtual work experience programs and internships from a huge variety of companies. You don’t need any prior experience to sign up to one of their programs, and they are totally free.

Find them here: https://www.insidesherpa.com/

  1. CSIRO Virtual Work Experience

Last year the CSIRO tested their brand new Virtual Work Experience program, involving 57 students from all around Australia. They worked online using video conferencing to complete a variety of STEM-based projects.

Although they haven’t announced when they will be running the program again, the pilot program was a huge success, so keep an eye out.

Take a look at the program here: https://www.csiro.au/en/Education/Programs/Virtual-Work-Experience

  1. Pinsent Masons Virtual Work Experience

Interested in a career in law? Pinsent Masons is a law firm that offers a virtual work experience program. You can read some of the feedback from other students who have completed the program on their website.

Check it out here: https://graduate.pinsentmasons.com/your-route-into-law/work-experience/virtual-work-experience/

But virtual work experience isn’t the only way you can find information about careers online. Here are a few more resources you can use to get a taste of your dream career.

  1. Study Work Grow Job Spotlights

Each week we release our job spotlights, showcasing a different job and the skills and pathways you need to get there.

Take a look through the huge variety of careers we’ve featured here: https://studyworkgrow.com.au/job-spotlights/

And don’t forget to check back each week to see what’s new.

  1. SkillsRoad 360 Virtual Workplace

Get a look at a workplace in 360 degrees and find out more about individual careers featured in short videos.

Check it out here: https://www.skillsroad.com.au/360virtualworkplace

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