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Online tutoring – an option for boosting your education

Hire your own private teacher

A move away from face to face teaching in the classroom to online, remote or home learning due to the corona virus pandemic has impacted students globally.

For students and parents worried about missing out or falling behind, there are options.

  • Contact the school and let them know your concerns and struggles
  • Join online learning support groups and forums
  • Find online resources such as activities, YouTube tutorials etc that could support your learning goals and help you understand subjects more clearly
  • Get online tutoring

(Remember these are options that are always open to you – not necessarily just in the weird times like a school closure).

What is online tutoring?

Online tutors work to help students via an online, virtual or networked environment.

Instead of the traditional one on one tutoring that happens at schools or when tutors visit you at home, you’ll receive the same instruction for subjects you’re struggling to master, but your tutor will be in another location. You’ll also need some form of device like a phone, notebook or computer to connect with them.

A tutor’s role is to customise the help they provide by addressing specific problems you might be having with material you’re learning at school.


The benefits of online tutoring

There are plenty to consider

  • Students learn to recognise their strengths and weaknesses and how to address any issues with learning
  • Able to focus on problems areas for as long as required
  • Improve subject comprehension
  • Boost confidence
  • Gain different types of learning skills
  • Provide individual attention you may not get in a busy classroom
  • Help students who are struggling to keep up
  • Challenge pupils who are exceeding expectations
  • Find the best tutors from around the country (or world)
  • Seek out a tutor that gets the best out of you
  • Use of technology to share information including resources, links and work
  • Tutors are able to be flexible about the time and subject matter as they’re essentially working for the student instead of trying to cover a syllabus and meet the needs of an entire class or school
  • With information being sent online there’s access to learning materials between tutoring sessions so students can go over the material if they want or need to
  • Ask questions without worrying about what the rest of your class thinks.



How much do online tutors cost?

Here in Australia, you could expect to pay between $30 – $55 per hour on average, that’s for an established and experienced private tutor. Group lessons can be a little cheaper ranging from $20 – $35 per hour (per student).


Finding an online tutor in Australia

Tutoring online has is becoming more popular with plenty of businesses and individuals offering their services.

Here’s a few ways you could ensure you find the best online tutor for you:

  1. Ask for recommendations from other students
  2. Do your research
  3. If possible, arrange a meeting online with your top chosen tutors before you sign up with them
  4. Check that you have asked all the important questions and that you’re happy with the answers before signing up or handing over any money. You might want to check:
  • Their credentials
  • References
  • Availability
  • Flexibility
  • Preferred method of working, e.g. which apps and platforms they like to use
  • Work out if your timetables will be compatible


Start your search

Check out some of the following sites

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Search for private tutors on:

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