Queensland’s Care Army

Volunteering to help fellow Queenslanders

Volunteering is really rewarding on so many levels, it can help make other people’s lives easier and more pleasant, it could make you feel better by just doing something to help out.

If that isn’t enough you could learn new skills, discover things that inspire you or that you’re passionate about, plus volunteering could provide you with ways to demonstrate skills you already have (e.g. empathy, compassion, resourcefulness, problem solving, etc.).

Valuable life experience plus resume material that could help you stand out from the crowd = winning.

The Care Army is about bringing Queenslanders together to lend a hand to seniors and people most at-risk during this pandemic, while continuing to practice social distancing techniques, so you can even volunteer without leaving home.

The easiest way to be a part of the Care Army is to check in on family, friends and neighbours who may need support.

Find out more on the website, download the Care Army Toolkit, read about the ways that you could help and then you can go ahead and sign up. It’s probably a good idea to discuss it with your parents before you sign, make sure they’re on board with your plans and can support you.

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