Are you OK? | Looking after your mental health

Your mental health and wellbeing’s important


Your brain is the most important organ is your body.

So just like looking after your physical self, it’s important to look after your mental health too.

You can look after your mental health in lots of ways. For example:

  • making healthy and nutritious food choices
  • ensuring you’re getting a good night’s sleep (enough of it and good quality)
  • exercising and spending time outdoors
  • learning skills to help manage stress like breathing techniques and meditation
  • relaxing and taking time to decompress when you need it
  • spending time with family, friends and with other people who boost you up and make you feel great about yourself
Look after your mental health
Self care isn’t selfish, you matter and so does your mental wellbeing.

Knowing when to get help for your mental wellbeing


Everyone experiences ups and downs in life, that’s normal. But if you find your mental health is getting off track more often than not, or you’re struggling to think positively and feel happy – it could be time to ask for help.

Mental health issues could include feeling scared, anxious, frustrated, angry, or stressed.

Mental health and wellbeing
Mental health issues affect us all differently, but there’s help available for everyone.

You might just be feeling tired all the time, confused or overwhelmed, unable to make decisions and just wanting to bury your head in the sand.

Mental health issues can affect everyone differently. So, if you’re not feeling like your usual self in any way, it’s definitely worth acting and trying to find ways to help get you back to normal.


Where to find help for your mental health when you need it


If you’re not feeling great for any reason, having a conversation with a parent, family member, or close friend is a great place to start.

Teachers and school counsellors could also be really helpful. You might find it easier to approach someone and talk freely if you’ve already established a good relationship with them. Or, maybe you’d feel more comfortable approaching someone who doesn’t know you. Choose whichever option feels best to you.

Making an appointment with your GP is a good move too. They’ll be able to rule out any physical illnesses, suggest ways that you could improve your mental health, or refer you to experts who’ll be able to provide even more support.

There’s also a tonne of organisations that you can contact if you know that your mental health is suffering. Services include counselling and crisis services you can access 24/7 if you need help immediately, or you know someone who does.

We’ve listed a few of services across Australia and specific to your state or territory in our blog “Your mental health matters”.

When you contact a mental health professional for advice, guidance or help, you can approach them anonymously if you prefer. Services are usually discreet and confidential, but they’re likely to be equally happy for you to include your family in consultations. The ball is in your court.


Be brave and get the support you need


Getting help sooner means getting your life back on track more quickly. With so many people around to help you, there’s no reason you should have to struggle alone.

Youth Beyond Blue provide lots of resources worth checking out, you can access them online.

Take the brain quiz to help you figure out what’s going on and point you in the right direction to take the next step.

If you need a little help managing feelings of worry and anxiety, you can do The Brave Program. It’s all online, free, and provides strategies that could help you to cope better.

Perhaps you’d like to help out a friend struggling with mental health issues, but you’re worried about saying the wrong thing. Or maybe you’d like a friend to be there for you? Have a look at The Check-In App.

They also have an online forum where you can ask other young people about their experiences and what helped them. It’s not a replacement for professional advice, but it could help you realise that you’re not alone or give you the confidence to ask for help.

ReachOut also provide services for young people.  Their NextStep online tool could help you to:

  • figure out what’s going on
  • suggest support options for you that’ll suit your needs
  • get help free, anonymously, you don’t even have to speak to anyone. Plus, it’s available online 24/7.

ReachOut also have a forum where anyone aged 14-25 is welcome to connect with other people who’ve experienced what you’re going through.


Take the next step and get your mental health back on track

Get help with your mental wellbeing

If you’re concerned about your mental health, or you know your mental wellbeing isn’t great, please reach out and get some help.

There’s no need to be embarrassed or ashamed, and mental health problems aren’t a sign of weakness. Think of it like catching a bug but in this case your brain under attack, and you just need to help it heal.

You can also seek help and advice on behalf of people you know, or suspect, might be struggling with mental health issues.

And remember, you can remain anonymous if you like. Nobody else needs to know you’re getting help (although extra support could be a great thing). You have options to access help online, over the phone and face-to-face, plus help is available 24/7.

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