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Year 12 can be stressful, but the 2020 cohort have probably experienced more than their fair share due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The good news is that everyone understands your pain. Schools, education departments, tertiary admission centres, universities and other tertiary education providers – they’re all working hard to make sure that you won’t be unfairly disadvantaged because of it.

There are lots of early entry schemes that you could be eligible to apply for; check out our Early Entry Guide and our alternative pathways database for more information.

We’ll also keep you posted in our weekly news if more programs crop up over the next few months.


Reduce your year-end stress, apply for early entry to university


Receiving an early offer has a few benefits to consider:

  • Get applications out of the way sooner
  • Leave yourself more time later in the year to focus on your studies and revision
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that could come with your early offer
  • Helps you to plan your future in more detail e.g. finances and accommodation

You can read more about the benefits of early entry and conditional offers here.

If you weren’t already considering applying for an early offer before school shut-downs, maybe you could now.


Apply for early entry programs NOW


Our Early Entry Guide 2021 has recently been updated with new programs, adjusted key dates and revised eligibility or application requirements.

Lots of the early entry schemes are already open for applications, if not they’re opening soon.

So, if you’d like to apply or you need to do a little research, now is the time.


There are more early offer programs than ever


Early entry schemes are becoming more widespread amongst the alternative pathways offered by universities.

Each uni designs its own scheme, which unfortunately means application systems and requirements will vary.

So it’s important that you read all the eligibility requirements, understand the application process, and stick to the key dates listed for each individual program. We have listed all the important information and links to specific pages in our Early Entry Guide to get you started.


Who is eligible to apply for early entry schemes


Some programs are for gifted students, but not all. If you’re not amongst the top academic achievers in your cohort, don’t be discouraged.

  • Academic merit
  • Elite athletes and performers
  • Future leaders recognised by your school
  • Students who’ve thrown themselves in to community engagement and volunteering
  • Rural or remote applicants
  • People who’ve experienced disadvantage

These are just some of the categories that could make you eligible to apply.


New categories for 2020


To ease any disadvantage created by COVID 19, you might find there are new opportunities being created too.

Here’s a few of the universities who have already reacted:

Edith Cowan University have created a new early offer program based on your predicted ATAR from your most recent school results.


Curtin University’s ATAR entry scheme is also new for 2020. You can apply now through TISC, based on your predicted ATAR or Year 11 results supplied by your school. You could receive an offer within 7 days, and they’ll even refund your TISC fee.


The University of Western Australia are now offering their Predicted ATAR Entry scheme. Applications are open now. Again, you could be receiving a conditional offer within 7 days of submitting your completed application through UWA. Offers are based on your predicted ATAR or latest school reports.


The University of Adelaide’s Year 11 Results entry pathway is also new for 2020. Launched in response to COVID 19, you could secure a conditional offer in September 2020 based on your Year 11 results from 2019.


University of Canberra are preparing to make early offers through a special admissions round on 13 August 2020. Your school must be registered to participate in the UC Early Offer Round, then you’ll need to complete a UAC application and submit a separate SRS application by 5 July.


University of Technology Sydney will be opening for applications in July 2020, which is earlier than usual. You’ll be able to apply for their existing access schemes then too. They’re also working on additional admission schemes for 2020 school leavers, to be announced soon.


Macquarie have extended the application closing dates for their Schools Recommendation Scheme and Leaders and Achievers Scheme. Both are open for applications now. They plan on

“considering a student’s Year 11 results, along with the support of their school or their contribution to the community”,

in order to

“make an informed judgement and an early offer that will help alleviate any anxiety around the HSC and ATAR.”


The University of Notre Dame have also made some changes to their Early Offer program by using benchmark ATAR scores based on your Year 11 school reports.


Got questions about Early Entry?


If you still have questions about early entry, reading about some of the frequently asked questions and the answers could help.

You could also reach out to the universities if you’ve got additional queries about specific programs.

Don’t forget that if you’re not eligible to apply for any of the schemes right now because:

  • You don’t meet the eligibility criteria
  • The university you’d like to apply for doesn’t offer early entry

Or perhaps you apply and aren’t offered a conditional or guaranteed place….

It’s not the end of the world and certainly not the end of your university dreams.

You can still apply for your preferred university and courses later in the year; there are a few main offer rounds you could be successful in.

There are also alternative pathways to explore that could get you into the course you’d like.

Just don’t give up.

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