How to become a Fashion Stylist

Fashion Stylists provide fashion advice. They may be responsible for choosing and coordinating clothes for models on photo shoots, or actors in TV and film productions. Or you might be hired by individuals to create a wardrobe that flatters them and suits their lifestyle and professional needs. You might also be tasked with picking out props and accessories that complete an overall look.

If you are creative with an eye for detail, have fantastic listening and people skills, then a career as a Fashion Stylist could tick all your boxes.


About you:


  • Artistic with innate colour and design sense
  • A tactful, honest communicator with great negotiating and persuasive skills
  • Motivated, organised, team worker who thrives under pressure


The job:


  • Advise and inspire individuals and creative teams about what styles will work
  • Select and source the right clothing and accessories, ensure they’re fit for purpose and perfect for your client’s requirements
  • Solve problems that might arise, work to tight deadlines and within strict budgets and keep your clients happy


Lifestyle Impact: Low


  • Part Time opportunities: N/A
  • Average hours for full-time workers: N/A
  • Fashion Stylists’ salary (average) $65,000* per year (source: *Salaries vary depending on your skills and experience.
  • Future career growth: Strong (source:
  • You will be doing most of your work indoors. You might run your own business from home, or work for a larger company.
  • You will probably need to do work on weekends and holidays, as you will need to fit in around your clients’ schedules.


Fashion Stylists are most in demand in these locations:


Fashion Stylists tend to be more common in larger cities and urban areas, so you may have trouble finding work in rural and regional areas.


How to become a Fashion Stylist in Australia


A degree isn’t essential for entry to this career, but some formal training is often preferred by employers and clients.


Step 1 – Study English, Maths and any creative classes that inspire you at high school. Business studies could also be useful.


Step 2 – Get relevant work experience and immerse yourself in all aspects of the fashion world.


Step 3 – Choose and complete any qualifications. Consider VET pathways. Look for opportunities with hands-on industry experience. Examples include:


Step 4 – Find an internship or mentor, and gain further work experience. Make useful industry contacts and keep an up to date portfolio of your works.


Step 5 – Market yourself, continually build on your network and reputation. Make sure you stay on trend always.


Find out more here –


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How long does it take to become a Fashion Stylist? 


It could take you 4 to 5 years after leaving high school to start your career as a fashion stylist. You should allow this much time to obtain any qualifications you’d like to do, as well getting work experience.


What do Fashion Stylists do?


Fashion stylists help clients improve or change their image. They brainstorm creative ideas for photoshoot themes and sets. They may be responsible for choosing and sourcing clothes & accessories for events, filming, photoshoots, work for fashion magazines and more.


Where do Fashion Stylists work?


Fashion stylists can work freelance, but may be hired in-house at publishing firms, modelling or advertising agencies, events management companies, fashion labels, shopping centres or retail stores to name a few. Fashion stylists may also be employed by individuals.


Do I need to go to university to become a Fashion Stylist?


No, you don’t have to go to university. But relevant qualifications and lots of work experience could fast track your career and open up more opportunities.


Is Fashion Styling a good career to aim for?


If you love the creative arts and would like a career that could be flexible and varied, life as a fashion stylist could be a rewarding career for you. It could also lead on to other careers in the fashion industry or ignite a passion for other jobs.


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