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Free Apprenticeships and Traineeships in NSW

Are you thinking about studying a VET qualification? The New South Wales Government offers fee-free apprenticeships and traineeships in high priority areas. This includes school-based apprenticeships and traineeships.

To be eligible for a fee-free apprenticeship or traineeship, all you need to do is choose a course that is funded under the NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled program.

You can start your apprenticeship or traineeship at any time throughout the year.

The qualification you choose also needs to be in a high priority area. These qualifications are decided by the Government and can change each year. Take a look at the list of current priority qualifications on the Smart and Skilled website here.

Some of the apprenticeships and traineeships currently offered for free include:

To apply for a fee-free apprenticeship or traineeship, just follow these steps:

  1. Find a course you’d like to study
  2. Find an apprenticeship or traineeship vacancy

Free means the New South Wales Government will cover the full cost of training in a high priority qualification, so eligible students don’t contribute to training fees. However, you still might have to pay for extra costs such as textbooks and equipment.

Other TAFE and VET courses may also be subsidised under the Smart and Skilled program. Note that this means you will still have to pay a fee for your course, it has just been reduced. Take a look at the full list of subsidised courses on the Smart and Skilled website.

You may be eligible for a full fee subsidy under exceptional circumstances, such as if you have a disability or eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Read more about that here.

Read more about fee-free apprenticeships and traineeships in New South Wales here:

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