10 reasons why an arts degree is valuable

Perspective from the University of Sydney

Perhaps you have been considering an Arts degree next year, or whenever you finish high school, but you’re questioning your choices after the news about the fee increases.

“Passion, new perspectives, and an understanding of the past and the future are some of the best ways to make a difference to our world.” – Professor Duncan Ivison

The University of Sydney have written an article listing 10 ways an arts degree can change the world, they include:

  1. The best leaders are the one who are passionate about what they do.
  2. Learning about our history is one of the best ways to move forward without repeating mistakes of the past.
  3. Environmental issues can’t be tackled through technology alone, understanding humans is important in finding long term solutions that will work, as well as changing our behaviour and habits.
  4. Study of other languages, cultures and global politics are essential in helping Australia build stronger international relationships.
  5. It’s impossible to advance human rights and create a better world for everyone without social, cultural, historical, economic and political analysis.
  6. Politics, philosophy, history, languages, media, literary studies, sociology, and anthropology, amongst other subjects work together to create more understanding and unity in multicultural societies.
  7. Arts and social science graduates could help to promote, advance, and develop better democratic practices.
  8. Working with the technology industries, media and digital cultures programs could help develop social media and online technology that’s effective but also better in terms of reducing hate speech, bullying, privacy breaches and more online.
  9. Psychology, sociology, political science, philosophy, history and the natural sciences can influence economics, to make sure that human impacts are also measured and taken into account when policies are created and changed.
  10. Critical thinking, analytical skills, good communication skills, breadth of mind, compassion, and curiosity are encouraged when you undertake an arts degree. They’re really important skills to have in all areas of life.

You can click on the link above if you’d like to read the full article.

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