Wakakirri National Screen Challenge

A great story can change the way people think about the world around them. Wakakirri is a performing arts festival where schools aim to do just that.

The Wakakirri Screen Challenge allows schools that cannot perform at a Story-Dance Live Event to still take part.

The Wakakirri Screen Challenge is inspired by Story-Dance but allows schools to take their performance to another level by taking it off the stage and onto the screen. Film your Story-Dance in different locations and/or use animation and/or special effects during the editing process to enhance the telling of your story. The end result should look a like a music video clip with a strong storyline.

The best Wakakirri Screen Challenge entries will be reviewed and screened on Wakakirri TV as part of the search for ‘Story of the Year’.

The Wakakirri Screen Challenge is accessible to every school in Australia and has categories for all levels of experience. Every school can enter.

Registrations close Friday 4 September.

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