Business ideas to consider while you’re at high school

Business ideas to consider while you’re at high school

Following on from our How to start a business in the middle of a pandemic blog, perhaps you’re motivated to have a go at the business idea that’s been in the back of your mind for a while. Fantastic, get yourself organised and give it your best shot – remember to update your skills and experience sections on your resume too

Starting a business while you’re still at high school might seem like a bit of a stretch, but 17% of Australians were self-employed in 2019 and they all started somewhere.  If your venture is successful, you never know where it could all end but one thing is for sure – you’ll definitely learn a lot along the way.

So, if you’d like to earn a bit of extra cash, start saving for uni (or something else), or dream about becoming a business guru and you want to get started right now but can’t decide what to do; we’ve come up with a few ideas that could work for you (or at least spark your creativity).


Keep your business idea simple and safe


Before you race off and get started, spend a while considering your business plan, maybe get some advice and input from other people. Do your research into the potential demand for your goods or services and check out competitors as well.

Pare back if necessary, keep your idea as basic as possible. You can always build on your business and expand later on.

Try to reduce your risks, don’t waste your time or money, and at the moment it would be wise to read a little bit about COVID compliance. Think about ways to keep your products or services as contact free as possible.


Small business ideas and inspiration to consider, even during a pandemic


The pandemic is restrictive in many ways, but adjusting your mindset to see new opportunities could be really beneficial.

Look at goods and services that are more in demand than ever and you could come up with a genius new way to appeal to lots of people and start making money quickly.

  • Get creative, make handmade items then sell them online, through local social media groups, or sign up to sites like Etsy. As well as traditional goods, consider items that might sell well right now like masks, washable phone or laptop covers, greetings cards, games and puzzles.



  • Provide a pick-up service for places (or items) that don’t already have delivery organised – the Post office, health food stores, or pet shop for example.


  • Do some online tutoring if you’re doing great in a particular subject or have a skill that’s in demand.


  • Offer to do car washing and detailing at people’s homes.


  • Start a lawn mowing or weeding service, establish and maintain vegetable gardens, or provide garden upkeep and maintenance for when owners go away.


  • Cleaning up council bins on a monthly basis – it might not be glamourous but it’s a job that needs doing and a chore that most of us would like to hand over.


  • Produce your own podcasts or YouTube videos and get people to subscribe.


  • Become a blogger, you could even end up writing for other people.


  • If you’re great in the kitchen consider baking or other catering options like cake decorating, making picnic hampers, kids party food, dinner parties, or any other foodie treats. (You will have to check health and safety compliance rules and regulations with your local council, then register with them too).


  • Dog walking or pet care for other people could be a great option. With a strong stomach and steady supply of gloves you could even set yourself up to be a professional poop scooper in people’s gardens.


  • Got technical skills and a fantastic idea? You could become an app creator, graphic designer, game developer or website designer.


  • Provide technical support for people who need to set up social media pages, google adverts or help with online services.


  • Musicians and performers – you could play at venues, functions and events, make a name for yourself and maybe even get discovered.


  • If you’re great at art you could provide custom portraits of people or pets, create bespoke artwork, posters, illustrations, murals and more.


  • Love being active and staying fit, then you could offer personal training and motivate others to be healthier too. (Running classes or one-on-one sessions online could work).



Don’t overcommit yourself

Before you start, you’ll need to figure out how much time you can commit without interfering with other aspects of your life that are important too – especially school-work and sleep.

Remember to always make sure you can meet your business obligations so you don’t let customers down. A good reputation is really important in helping you keep and grow your customer base.


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