5 Reasons to Apply for Scholarships

If you’re planning on tertiary eduction next year, we’ve put together 5 reasons why you should apply for scholarships, there are lots of benefits you could enjoy.


  1. Ease the financial burden


Of course the financial benefits of scholarships are one of the top reasons that students apply for them. They’re a great way to help you pay for an education or leave with less debt than you otherwise might.

Look at applying for scholarships as an investment in yourself and your future.

Scholarships could cover the costs of one or many things, such as:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation or other living expenses
  • Books, technology and other essential supplies
  • Travel

If you’re successful in applying for a scholarship, you won’t have to pay the money back.

Remember to always check the terms and conditions before signing up. You may have to fulfil certain obligations such as maintaining a certain grade point average (GPA), write a letter of thanks, join certain programs e.g. networking or mentoring. But otherwise, the money that you receive is yours.


  1. Boost your study experience


There are academic benefits associated with many of the scholarships you could earn, especially the really prestigious ones.

Mentoring or access to additional educational programs could help achieve and maintain a higher GPA.

Some scholarships also include access to internships or other work experience programs, even the chance to travel and study overseas. Any opportunities to expand your knowledge and experience beyond the standard course scope could help you to get the most out of your university experience (and boost your resume too).

Being the recipient of one or more scholarships could make your application stand out during the university admissions process, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The financial benefits of receiving a scholarship may mean you wouldn’t have to get a part time job to support you while you study, or that you’d need to work fewer hours. Allowing you to dedicate more time to your studies, writing assignments, signing up for additional programs, or looking for extracurricular opportunities.


  1. Get an edge in the job market


The fact that you’ve applied for scholarships could illustrate that you’re forward thinking and proactive, skills that are highly sought after by employers.

Listing that you were the beneficiary of a scholarship on your resume could help to make you a more appealing candidate for potential employers too.

Scholarships that provide you with specific skills through some form of work experience e.g. an internship could make you a particularly desirable contender. If you’re lucky and put in 100% during your internship, you could even be rewarded with a job offer from the company you intern at.

Scholarships can also be a really great way to meet professionals and network with people already working in the field you’re interested in. Spending time with industry leaders could lead to a job offer, or further opportunities which could make you even more of an asset to employers.


  1. Learn to believe in yourself and your abilities


Completing scholarship applications could be a great exercise in developing an appreciation of your strengths and qualities, as well as teaching you how to sell yourself.

By the time you’ve completed and submitted a few scholarship applications, you’ll probably know yourself a lot better and hopefully value yourself a whole lot more too.


  1. Not all scholarships are based academic merit


There are literally thousands of scholarships on offer. Admittedly some of them are offered to students with outstanding academic achievements, and if you’re doing great at school, then you should definitely apply on that basis.

However, there are plenty more scholarships that are offered for:

  • Elite athlete or performers
  • Community Service
  • Leadership potential
  • Career Development
  • Co-op
  • Disability
  • Family/Domestic Violence
  • Financial Disadvantage
  • General
  • Indigenous
  • Low ATAR
  • Mature Age
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Postgraduate Study
  • Refugee
  • Rural
  • Sporting Ability
  • VET
  • Women
  • Work Experience

There are opportunities out there for everyone.

Don’t let the misconception that scholarships are only for the academically gifted put you off finding and applying for scholarships that you could be eligible for.


You’ve got nothing to lose


Yes, applying for scholarships requires some of your valuable time and a fair bit of effort.

But the rewards could make it all worthwhile, and if you don’t apply then you’ll never know if you could have been successful.

Plus, remember all the benefits associated with just applying:

  • Learn (and appreciate) more about yourself
  • Improve your researching skills
  • Practise the art of creating great applications
  • Gain some new skills that you could add to your resume
  • Practise skills that will be useful when you’re applying for jobs

When you look at it that way, it could be worth a shot and spending at least a few hours of your time looking into your options or putting together some applications.


Need some more help?


There’s lots more useful information on our Scholarships page, including a database of over 700 scholarships that could help you kick off your search (note: we add more each week).

Read about why you should explore scholarships, or learn a little more about what’s on offer including prestigious Co-op scholarships.

And if you’re thinking of applying, then our Scholarships guide could make applying for scholarships a whole lot easier and save you a tonne of time. You’ll be able to find the updated Guide for 2021 on our dedicated page when it’s out next week.


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