Indigenous Career Stories in Law

Indigenous career stories in Law

Read about some indigenous career stories in Law and see if they inspire you to follow your dream, or investigate law as a potential career path.

There is a “ need for Indigenous people in the law” according to the Court of Appeal Justice Geoffrey Eames.

Nadine is a Lawyer working for the Australian Public Service Commission (APS)


Nadine works in the Australian Government Solicitor within their Commercial Group. She “chose to study law because I was passionate about making a difference, not only for my community, but for all Indigenous Australians”.

After successful applying for a cadetship with the ASP after completing her degree. Nadine went on to obtain her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice through ANU whilst working, which allowed her to be admitted to the ACT Supreme Court of Australia as a Lawyer. She says “I still can’t believe that as a bush-kid from Kununurra, I’m working in Canberra.”

Kat Dorante was named the Queensland Law Society’s First Nations Legal Student of the Year for 2020.


Kat grew up in Mission Beach where she wasn’t sure what she wanted to be when she grew up but “knew it would involve empowering her people”.

With five years study under her belt, (four years of which she has completed as a paid intern), and two amazing international trips, Kat is closing in on her ambition to become a human rights lawyer.

You can read more about Kat’s pathway with QUT and their Oodgeroo Unit here.

Chloe D’Souza, a Noongar woman, was the first Aboriginal graduate of the Curtin Law School in 2015. 


After completing her Bachelor of Laws, Chloe was admitted to the Supreme Court of WA as a legal practitioner where she worked in commercial law and has since transitioned into heritage at BHP. 

Chloe’s now back at Curtin to complete her Honours in law, where she was also awarded the John Monash Scholarship for 2020 for her strong commitment to indigenous people and ensuring that they have a voice that’s recognised at a constitutional level.


Joshua Creamer Barrister 


His career began with a Butchers Apprenticeship which he started in Year 10 of high school. Three years later after completing his apprenticeship and graduating from high school, he enrolled in a law course on the Gold Coast.

Upon graduating from Griffith, he worked as a Judge’s Associate in the Supreme Court for 1 year. Joshua is now a practising Barrister in Brisbane specialising in include Native Title, Commercial Law, Indigenous Law and Human Rights. He’s also the President of the Queensland Indigenous Lawyers and Law Students Association.

I want to be able to contribute towards improving the situation of Indigenous people-that’s a never-ending goal for me.

You can read a bit more about his pathway here.


Lincoln Crowley is a Brisbane based Commonwealth Prosecutions Barrister


Lincoln still remembers being told by his High School vice principal, that he was one of  “the sort of people who end up in jail”. Instead of allowing that to hold him back, he used it to motivate him.

Since joining the bar in 2003 he has built and impressive reputation and specialises in crime. Often prosecuting at the federal level particularly in organised crime and increasingly counter-terrorism, as well as defending at state level.

He says it’s great to be:

Challenging that stereotype about what people think you’re capable of doing.


Resources and Pathways


If you’re interested in finding out a bit more about careers law, here are a few resources that could help you out:

How to become a Lawyer

Find out how to get into law without entry requirements

You can also find out about indigenous pathways into courses and degrees, or scholarships that could help you get there.

There’s plenty of information available from professional bodies too. E.g.:

The Indigenous Lawyers Association of Queensland Inc (“ILAQ”)

Indigenous Law Students and Lawyers Association of Victoria

Winkiku Rrumbangi NT Indigenous Lawyers 

Ngalaya First Nations lawyers NSW

You could even look at specific courses such as:

Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at UNSW

Bachelor of Laws at Newcastle

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