Kilvington Grammar Students Excelled in Elite Remote VR School Camp Challenge

Over the last week, years 8, 9 and 10 students from Kilvington Grammar School participated in the remote, online virtual reality school camp team learning experience, aptly named XVenture Mind Games – ‘Outdoor Pursuits’.

Massive congratulations to all students from Kilvington Grammar School – your teamwork, communication and collaboration skills have secured your place at the top of the XVenture Mind Games Schools Leaderboard.

“Kilvington students from Year 8, 9 and 10 recently took part in XVenture Mind Games – an experience that has been an invaluable break from their remote learning from home. The hour-long challenge allowed students to connect with friends as they communicated through our online platform while navigating each challenge. Students connected with peers in a fun, engaging and supportive environment.

I highly recommend other schools to take part in this virtual world experience.”

Martine Walls, Dean of Character and Wellbeing Program Development, Kilvington Grammar

Find out more about XVenture Mind Games here: http://www.xvmindgames.com

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