Careers Stories in Teaching

Careers Stories in Teaching

Considering becoming a teacher after high school? Reading some careers stories in teaching could help you decide if it’s an option worth investigating a bit more.

You could choose to teach in early childhood education, primary, secondary, senior high school, tertiary education (university and TAFE etc.), or adult education. Whichever your choice, teaching is a job that could offer job security and growth.

Teaching from a teacher’s perspective


Michael Fowles is a Leading Teacher at Senior School at Craigieburn Secondary College (VIC). Although he had always considered a teaching career, he completed a degree in Commerce at University. After completing internships in his degree field, he decided to follow his passion and completed a Master of Teaching course.

I am passionate about working with young people and they inspire me each and every day.

He’s now been teaching for 6 years, 3 of which have been in a leadership role. He now spends less time in the classroom but his focus on educational leadership allows him to  “influence teacher practice and student outcomes on a larger scale”.

You can read more about his story here.

You can even study online


Kelsey is a Year 1 teacher in South Australia, she completed a Bachelor of Education (Primary Teaching) in order to work in her “dream career”.

Choosing to complete her degree online gave Kelsey the flexibility that enabled her to continue working three jobs, play sport and still catch up with family. Although her busy life means that at times she was lacking in motivation to get her studies done, she recommends connecting with lecturers and peers via emails or online discussion groups to “get going again”.

Her placements, which were the highlight of her degree, were all organised close to where she lived which made them “convenient and a good opportunity to network”.

“I knew right after my first prac that I was in the right career. I loved what I was doing and knew it was all going to be worth it.”

Explore if the work-life balance could work for you


Rachel is a science and maths teacher at a secondary school.

She says

If you’re thinking about teaching, go for it. It’s an opportunity to change someone’s life for the better. You get to meet new people and get to form some really good relationships.


Experience more of Australia


A career in teaching could also offer you the opportunity to travel, taking up positions in different locations, you could even consider working in some of Australia’s remote communities.

Kathryn is a prep teacher at Doomadgee State School, she’d encourage teachers to consider taking up remote positions,  it can be “fun, rewarding, and challenging”.


Teachers are more than just educators


Joel chose a career in teaching because “teachers make a difference, every day”



Katrina’s career in teaching has provided diversity in career with opportunities as a classroom teacher, curriculum advisor, principal, and pre-service teacher mentor.

She says you’ll also make “lifelong friendships” and experience a real “sense of belonging”.



Tammy is a teacher at Bwgcolman Community School on Palm Island, she entered teaching in her mid-forties, a career change which she says she loves and finds fulfilling.  She feels “empowered by empowering others”.

Her advice to new teachers is to “always be flexible” and remember you are learning too. Tammy would recommend following your passion in teaching it is “hard work, empowering and rewarding”.



Resources and Pathways


Interested in finding out more about a career in teaching? We’ve got plenty of resources.

Find out a bit about jobs in teaching and how to become a teacher, teacher’s aide, or online tutor in our job spotlights.

Our new Study Work Grow Teacher Career Path Handbook could help you decide if teaching might be the career for you. Then walk you through the process of finding a pathway to become a teacher. Plus ITE programs and registration requirements in every state in Australia.

You can also find our more information from professional bodies including:

The Australian Professional Teachers Association (APTA) 

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)

Australian Teacher Education Association

Department of Education 


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