Celebrate Schoolies in an Unconventional Way

There are a few traditional rites of passage that we look forward to throughout our childhood, and in Year 12 there are usually quite a few.

Back in January when the school year started, nobody could have guessed what utter turmoil would be unleashed. You probably already had tonnes of plans in place for graduation ceremonies, formals, gap years and, of course, schoolies.

On the 28th August the Queensland Government announced that schoolies week has been formally cancelled on the Gold Coast. It would be completely understandable if you’re feeling deflated or down-right miserable about how your plans have been affected.

But in the spirit of 2020, why not think outside the box and come up with COVID safe ways that you, your friends and school cohort can still celebrate the end of a massive era in your life?

Put your plans on hold

If you have your heart set on a gap year trip or other specific plans, the best idea would probably be to keep planning and saving, and postpone your trip for now and see what happens in 2021.

Alternative schoolies celebration ideas

  1. Relax at home – catch up on all the gaming, movies, Netflix shows and books you’ve been hanging out for.
  2. Book an Airbnb or holiday home and go away with family or a few close friends.
  3. Think about holidays a little closer to home – the Gold Coast and Fiji might be out this year, but there’s always Broome, Canberra, Cairns, Adelaide or Perth to consider.
  4. Take an epic road trip.
  5. Plan a camping trip.
  6. Organise a trail hike.
  7. Visit remote destinations in your state that you’ve never been to before.
  8. Organise a party for your cohort (check for COVID safe plans and numbers allowed to attend in your state).
  9. Book a fancy venue and enjoy a sophisticated night out.
  10. Check with your parents if you can host a string of sleepovers, have fun and make memories every day.
  11. Arrange a socially distanced graduation parade that parents and family might be able to watch.
  12. Do a combination of all of the above and keep a journal or make a photo book that could help you to focus on all your positive experiences.

Keep up to date with COVID restrictions in your state

Check domestic travel restrictions and remote area access from the Australian Government Department of Health.

The Guardian published a really useful article too which goes through each state and territory’s COVID restrictions and rules.

We’d advise that you read up about how you could be impacted, where you can travel right now, and how many people you’re allowed to have at gatherings and at your house.

By bearing mind the current restrictions, you may be able to avoid being disappointed again later in the year when it’s time to celebrate.

Be creative

Hang out with friends, get online – you never know what genius ideas you could come across for complying with the COVID social distancing and travel restrictions, while still having the time of your life.


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