5 Tips to help you prepare for a Summer Job

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5 Tips to help you prepare for a Summer Job

Are you planning on working over the summer holidays this year? If so, the start of Term 4 is the ideal time to prepare yourself and start applying for jobs if you haven’t already got started.

Adverts for Christmas Casuals are already popping up and some of the closing dates are as early as mid-October. Businesses like to know they’ve got staff lined up and it gives them a chance to organise rosters, training, uniforms, and paperwork etc, so lots of the closing dates could be earlier than you might expect.

Our 5 top tips that could help you to prepare are:

Start preparing right now

a. Decide how much time you’ll have available to work during your holidays.

b. Create or update your resume.

c. Start your search and get applications in for any suitable jobs as soon as possible.

By “suitable” we mean that they’re:

  • Nearby and you’ll be able to get yourself there and home ok and on time
  • You can commit to the hours, and
  • You’re confident that it’s a role you can see yourself doing for the whole summer (and maybe beyond if you’re lucky).
Your resume and cover letter definitely do matter

Your CV and cover letter are likely to be the first contact you’ll have with the organisation hiring you, and making a great first impression could really count in your favour.

Ensure all your details are up to date, that your skills and experience are all listed, and remember to show a little bit of your personality.

Also it pays to take a little extra time to tailor your applications to each specific job you’re applying for.

Find the right opportunities

Start your search early, if you leave it until the end of Term 4 lots of vacancies may already be closed.

Work out what kinds of jobs and hours you’re willing to do, then look for positions that match your requirements.

There are lots of places where casual summer jobs could be advertised, make a list of them, then keep checking over the next few weeks. There are a few ideas in the blog link above, as well as in our blogs from last year 40 places to apply for summer jobs and Looking for a Summer Job.

You can also search the Study Work Grow Summer Jobs database for opportunities near you. We’ll be adding new opportunities over the next couple of weeks, so keep checking back.

Make sure you’re work ready

Before you can start working and most importantly get paid, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got a few important things organised.

They include:

  • Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Bank Account
  • Super Account

Do you know about your rights and responsibilities? Take some time to read about them before you sign any contracts. You could also brush up on some basic workplace health and safety guidelines if you have the time.

Put in some time and effort

It’s best to assume that every job you apply for will receive tonnes more applications as well, so if you want to land a great job then you’ll need to put in a bit of work that could give your application a boost and stand out.

Approach every application and interview with a positive and professional attitude. If you don’t make an effort to write a personalised cover letter or complete the entire application, if you submit documents after deadlines or turn up to interviews late and unprepared, you won’t be making the best impression on employers and could end up missing out on the job.

Remember to always follow up – even if it’s just a “thank you for your time” message.

The benefits of a Summer Job

For most people, the drive to get a Summer Job is all about earning some money, but there are plenty of other benefits to consider too.

If you’re undecided about applying, or just need a little more motivation to start your search, our blog “Why bother with a Summer Job?” could give you a few more reasons to get cracking.

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