Stay calm and succeed with these last minute study tips

Stay Calm and succeed with these last minute study tips

Even if you’ve been studying hard, it can be hard not to freak out as it gets closer to exam time. If you’re feeling like you aren’t prepared enough or haven’t studied at all, there’s still time to get some revision done.

Here are a few tips that could help so that you don’t begin to feel overwhelmed or get too stressed out and can continue to be productive with your studies.

Stay calm and succeed last minute study tips:


  1. Stop procrastinating

Whether you’ve already started revising or not, got a study schedule or not, we are all guilty of putting things off.

Our advice is to change that today.

Set a timer and just do an hour’s work if that’s all you can manage. The point is the sooner you start preparing, the more ground you can cover and the less anxious you might feel as the exam approaches.

Another good tip is to leave your devices somewhere they won’t distract you. Or if you need them to access information, turn off any apps that you don’t need.


  1. Take it one topic at a time

There’s a time and a place for multi-tasking, and this probably isn’t it.

Choose a topic, give it all of your focus. Take it a step further, break your subject down into categories whether it’s by chapters or themes, then you can read over the information, make your notes, answer a couple of practise questions or test your knowledge another way.

Then when you feel confident you’ve got it covered or your timer goes off for that session, move on to the next section or subject.


  1. Breaks are important

Little breaks during your study time are important, so have a walk around, get a drink or snack, then go back to it. Ultimately it could help you to concentrate better over longer periods and retain more of the material you’ve covered.

You’ll need big breaks too. Don’t carry on studying until late at night, set yourself a knock-off time, allow yourself to relax and unwind a bit, plan for the next day…… and get lots of sleep.

If you have any club, sports or hobby commitments, make sure you still go along to them. And on weekends, have a lie in, take some time out to have fun or chill out a bit.

Working too hard for too long can be counter-productive, so it’s important you look after yourself or you’ll burn out before the exams are over.

Just remember to limit your breaks in time or number so that you can get back on track and achieve your study goals.


  1. Change your environment 

You don’t always have to study in the same place, if you’re getting sick of your usual space find somewhere else that works for you.

If you’re not able to get out much because of COVID, try sitting outside for a bit, or in a family room (if it’s not too noisy and chaotic).

For anyone who’s lucky not to be restricted, you could organise a study date with a friend, go to the library, or head down to the park. You could even ask at school if there’s a space they’d be happy to let you use during free periods or after school hours.


  1. Try new study strategies

You might find a change is as good as a break. If you always use the same study techniques but for some reason they’re just not working for you right now, a few minutes researching could help you to find other methods that might just do the trick.

There are plenty of resources here, to get you started.

You could also try:

  • Organising a study group – it could be done online if you can’t get meet up in person
  • Asking friends or family to test you
  • Completing previous exam papers (use time limits if you want to perfect your exam technique too)


  1. Speak to your teachers

Your teachers not only know the subjects and curriculum inside and out, they’ve also helped loads of other students before you.

They could:

  • Provide extra tuition if needed
  • Help reassure you about the areas you know well
  • Identify areas where your knowledge is lacking and needs some work
  • Give you clear direction about exactly what you’ll need to know for the exam as well as the types of questions you’ll receive.


Take a deep breath and don’t let 2020 beat you


Stay positive and ask for help if you need it.

Before you know it exams will be over and your life will move on to the next chapter. Just remember that no matter what happens there are always options, pathways, and people who can help you to reach your goals.

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