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To celebrate World Food Day, 16 October 2020, the Crawford Fund is launching “Development for a Better Future” – free quality high school teaching materials focused on agriculture for development and global food and nutrition security.

There are materials for Senior Secondary, as well as for Years 9-10.

The modules have been linked to the curriculum areas of Geography, Design and Technologies, Media Arts, English, Science, and Mathematics, so educators in agriculture, geography, economics, social sciences, and technology, can engage and activate students in real-world learning.

There is an emphasis on critical and creative thinking and problem solving in all the modules to excite educators and students about the impact of work around food and nutrition security and highlight career pathways for students

Find out more here: https://www.crawfordfund.org/news/food-and-nutrition-security-teaching-materials-celebrate-world-food-day-2020/

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