Year 12s – are you ready to start Uni?

Year 12’s are you ready to start Uni?

Heading off to uni after a huge year with plenty of pressure and lots going on is a pretty momentous event. So we’ve put together a few tips and resources that could help you to start uni in the best possible head space.


Are you happy that your applications are all sorted?


  • Have you submitted your completed uni applications? If not, you should probably get onto that pronto.


Then if you’re memory isn’t great (speaking from experience) or you’ve just got a lot of other things on your mind, why not set reminders? That way you can relax in the knowledge that you have everything covered and there’ll be no last minute panics to deal with.


NOTE: Did you know that you can change your preferences in the window between receiving your ATAR and the next offer round? So if you’ve changed your mind or your ATAR score was lower or higher than predicted, you can adjust your preferences list accordingly.


  • Investigate scholarships, bursaries and grants that could help you out financially & apply for them. Some may already have closed, but it’s definitely still worth having a look, plenty don’t close until 2021. If you have missed the cut-off you can look for scholarships you could apply for next year and add them to your calendar. Or, have a look around at what other finances you might be eligible to receive.


Next up, dot the i’s and cross the t’s


Are you all set and ready to leave school? Check out our blog to see if you have everything organised.

If you’ll be moving away from home, you’ll need to find and apply for uni accommodation.

Make sure you know how the Offers system works so that you can work it to your advantage.

Once all the offer rounds are done and you’ve received an offer that you’re happy with, you’ll need to formally accept the one that you want and enrol with the university before the cut-off date.

Got everything covered? Then some serious congratulations are in order. It’s time to get excited about heading off to uni and start sourcing and buying equipment, books & living essentials that you’re going to need.


What to do if you don’t get the offer you wanted


If you miss out on the offer you really wanted, remind yourself that it’s all ok, you can easily build a bridge and move on. Take a deep breath, calm down and then try the following:

First up call the university you want to enrol at and see what advice they can give you.

You may be able to enrol on a similar course at the same uni and apply to internally transfer over to the course you really wanted during Year 1. If that happens, check that the credits for any study you’ve already undertaken can get rolled over to your new course.

Or, perhaps you could do a similar degree at the university you’ve chosen and then look at completing a Master’s degree or other postgraduate course that will get you the qualification you’re looking for.

Look at enrolling on a similar course at another uni that may have different eligibility requirements or spaces that haven’t been filled. If you have your heart set on a specific uni or campus, it could feel like a big step to take, but (again speaking from experience) it could be the best thing that ever happened.

If your ATAR score wasn’t great and you’re struggling to get a place, there are still options to consider. Research alternative pathways that could help you to reach your goal. They include things like bridging courses or diplomas (that could count towards your uni course credits as well).


Create a checklist to help you to remember what you have to do


Or you could save yourself some time and memory space by downloading the Study Work Grow checklist. It could help you to tick off all of the important steps and help you to stay on track.


Have fun and Good Luck


Wishing you all the best for your future studies and careers, from everyone at the Study Work Grow Team.

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