Have you found a summer job yet?

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Have you found a summer job yet?

Have you found a summer job yet? Well don’t worry if you haven’t had the time to look for one just yet, chances are you could still be in luck.

Whilst many companies advertise a bit earlier in the year, not all vacancies might have been filled yet. Or perhaps people who had previously accepted jobs may have had to drop out, or businesses might only recently have decided that they’re going to need the extra staff.


Decide if you’re ready to commit to a job


If you’re not sure about giving up more of your precious time over the holidays to work, here’s a few of the benefits:

There are plenty more benefits to consider too, have a read of Why bother with a summer job if you need more motivation.


Make sure you’re prepared


Before you can start applying for jobs, you’ll need to:

  • Work out how much time you can spend working, which days, weeks and hours could work for you
  • Decide how far you can travel and what’s the most reliable (and safe) way of getting to and from work
  • Make sure you are work ready
  • Create or update your resume


Ideas for starting your job search


Don’t stress, there are lots of places you can look for work. So, if you’re unsuccessful through one avenue, try another. Or consider starting your search in lots of different places, it’s quite easy to do.

  • Look in your local papers
  • Find job adverts on notice boards at your local shops, or in Facebook forums and groups
  • Check on Linked In (you can set up an account if you haven’t got one already, remember to keep it professional though)
  • Check with specific businesses if you’re interested in working for them – search their webpages, or social media sites, even contact them directly by phone or email.
  • Search job websites or sign up with an agency
  • Ask around. Speak to your parents, get them to ask their colleagues at work, chat to your neighbours, family friends, or your friends parents. Let them know you’re looking and give them an idea what kind of work might suit you
  • Register with Centrelink and get access to their services such as JobActive
  • Or, get entrepreneurial and start up your own business and work for yourself.


More resources


We’ve got plenty more resources to help you on your way to finding a summer job on our Summer Jobs page, including a job search database. There’s even some tips that could be useful if you find a job and are about to get started.

Good luck with your search and your summer jobs guys.

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