17 More Cool Courses to Explore

17 More Cool Courses to Explore

Learning is never wasted, so any course or workshop that you attend could end up being one of the best things you ever did.


17 Cool Courses


If you’re looking to boost your resume, or just spend your time productively, here’s some great courses to check out:


  1. Interested in launching your band or musical career into stardom, or managing a band to fame? Perhaps a Music Marketing Master Class could help.


  1. Become a Creative Problem Solving guru with this short course.


  1. Bursting with innovative ideas? Find out how to nurture your potential with a 4-week Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship


  1. Neuroplasticity: How to rewire your brain is a course that could help you to break unhelpful habits, learn to stop procrastinating and enhance your mental flexibility.


  1. Wanting to do better at school? This Boost your Brain 101 course could help you to memorise material up to 10 times faster than normal.


  1. Mad about comic books and superheroes? Indulge your passion in this course from the Smithsonian called The Rise of Superheroes and Their impact on Pop Culture.


  1. Learn about the Science of Leadership in this short course and figure out how to unleash your leadership potential.


  1. Creativity is something that AI is unlikely to be able to replicate anytime soon, so if you’re not naturally creative but it’s a skill you’d like to cultivate, the Ignite your Everyday Creativity course could be for you.


  1. Have you got an inquiring mind and regularly ponder on mysteries of the world? Well, you can learn about the Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe in modern astrophysics with this course designed by ANU.


  1. Looking to get fitter in 2021? Or perhaps you’d like a career helping others to live a healthier life, the Simple Fitness and Nutrition Bootcamp could get you on the right track, or give your professional credentials a boost.


  1. Feng Shui your way to success with a Feng Shui the easiest way course.


  1. Are you a home body who dreams of a career working from home? Master the skills you’ll need with the 2020 work from anywhere hacker bundle.


  1. Sign up to online classes and Hip Hop away at home with Steezy.


  1. Build your soft-skills and tick every employers boxes with this course in Emotional Intelligence and Decision-Making.


  1. Looking for work? A Job Interview Skills Training Course could help you ace your chances.


  1. Looking for a career in animal management or training, or perhaps you just love your dog and would like to have a little bit of fun training them up. The complete guide to puppy and dog training course could be for you.


  1. Thinking of applying for medicine or nursing in the future? Get ahead with a course in Medical Terminology for Beginners.


Before you sign up…..


We recommend that before committing time and money to a course you consider:

  • Are your parents on board with your choices?
  • Are the course start and end dates and times going to suit your calendar? Will you be around over holidays? Will it interfere with any schoolwork, employment, or other commitments?
  • Is the length of time it’ll take to complete the course realistic?
  • Do you know long you’ll have access to the course for?
  • Location – make sure you’ll be able to get there if required, or you have internet access and relevant technology if it’s online.
  • Cost – how much will it cost and how will you pay for it?


Didn’t find a course that inspires you here?

Have a look at these, there are more cool courses to consider:

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