Top Study Work Grow resources from 2020

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Top Study Work Grow resources from 2020

Here at Study Work Grow we put together literally thousands of resources each year, so it’s more than possible that you might have missed a few of our most popular ones.

We’ve put together a recap of some of the resources that really went off.


The top performing posts of 2020:


  1. Exams dates and timetables – these aren’t very relevant now, but remember next year that we publish all the important dates you might need to know. And to make them easy to find we put them all in one place, on our important dates


  1. BHP 2021 Apprenticeship Program – applications for this program closed back in June, but we’ll be posting about the 2022 opportunities as soon as they’re published.

We also post other apprenticeship and traineeship positions and resources every week. You can check on our page to make sure you never miss out again.


  1. Stuck at Home? Take a Virtual Campus Tour – in 2020 when Open days couldn’t go ahead, universities had to think outside the square. Lots of them created online events including campus tours.

So, if you’d like to check out a certain university and get a feel for it. Or if you’re planning on going to uni after high school you can have a look at the facilities available and start narrowing down your options. You can also find out about universities and


  1. The Job Maker Plan and you – if you haven’t heard of the Job Maker Plan or just aren’t sure what it is, have a read of this post. Members of Study Work Grow receive a weekly newsletter featuring lots of resources and events, but we’ll also cover any news that could be relevant to you.


  1. Resources to help with Year 10 subject selection – subject selection can be a really tricky time, so we’ll always do our best to provide you with lots of information to help you make the best choice for you (and for parents to help them understand the process too).

This year we even created a Subject Selection Workbook specifically designed to help you to work through your options.


  1. Virtual Work Experience – clearly for much of this year hands-on work experience just wasn’t possible. As with everything else, people were forced to get creative and think about alternatives, as this post explains.

If you’d like work experience or you’re not sure why should bother getting any, you might like to search for work experience opportunities, get the Work Experience Guide, or read one of the many blogs about the topic on our page.


  1. 10 Famous People who took Gap Years – If you’ve considered taking a Gap Year but you, or your parents aren’t convinced it’s the best idea, we’ve got lots of information about the benefits of taking a Gap Year and how to make sure you get the most out of it. Plus, there’s this popular post about celebrities who took some time out, and it doesn’t seem to have done their careers any harm.


  1. A Day in the Life of Your Dream Career – with links to videos showing a day in the life of over 30 careers, it’s not surprising this was a popular post. If you’d like to find out about more careers, we highlight a new one each week in our Job Spotlights. For more general career information we’ve got lots of information in our Careers pages


  1. 5 Tips to help you prepare for a Summer Job – Part time work while you’re at high school can come with a tonne of benefits. In addition to the fact you’ll be earning, you could be giving your resume and your future employability a serious boost. For more tips on how and where to score a summer job, start your search for positions near you, and more, check out our Summer Jobs


  1. Job Spotlights are always popular with our readers. You can revisit the top 10 from 2020 in this post, or search for ones you’re most interested in reading about on our page.


Most visited Study Work Grow Pages in 2020:


Why not head over for a look and see why for yourself why these pages were the most visited. Stay a while and have a look around the Study Work Grow website and see what other tools and resources could come in handy as well.


Guides with the most downloads in 2020:


Every year, we research and put together guides as well as our other resources. This year our most popular list includes:

Entry to Medicine 2021

Apply to Uni Guide 2021

Subject Selection Workbook

Apprenticeships and Traineeships Guide


But wait, there’s more


If you’re not familiar with Study Work Grow and what we do, in addition to:

  • Weekly Newsletters
  • Blogs, and
  • Guides

We also have:

Anything missing?


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you’ve got an idea for something you’d like to see in future – drop us a line at info@studyworkgrow and let us know how we can help.

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