University Portfolio Entry

Portfolio Entry is an alternative pathway into university for students who may not meet the other requirements. It’s most commonly used for courses such as design, visual arts and architecture.

Instead of basing your entry on ATAR alone, the university will also look at a portfolio of work you provide, which can boost your chances of gaining entry into your chosen course.

This pathway is ideal for students who have already built up a body of creative works, either at school or personally, and are interested in studying art or design at university.

Even if you’re only in Year 9 or 10, it might be wise to start building up works for your portfolio now. These could be things like drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, digital art, design mockups, 3D renders, and more. What you put in your portfolio will depend on the course you’re applying for.

Wanting to study visual arts? Your portfolio should probably include your best paintings and drawings.

Thinking of design? Show off some cool logo designs and magazine layouts you’ve done.

What about architecture? Fill your portfolio with your favourite SketchUp models.

Remember to check with the institution so you know exactly what they’re looking for when you submit a portfolio – it would be a shame to have your application rejected because your portfolio was full of the wrong work.

If you’re looking for some tips and tricks to help build the perfect portfolio, there are plenty of workshops and resources out there to help.

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