The Real Future of Work (and how to respond)

Join CDAA for a three-part program combining expert presenters, workshop discussion and a concluding webinar, delivered over a month from early April to early May 2021.

  • What is a realistic forecast for the future of work in Australia?
  • What strategies and tools will help career practitioners best respond?
  • Learn how your colleagues are responding to the changing environment?
  • Do you feel isolated and could do with some professional interaction?

The presenters include Adam Boyton (National Skills Commission), Dr Spencer Niles (Hope Centred Career Group), and Liane Hambly (Creative Career Coaching UK). These pre-recorded presentations will be made available for registrants to view from Wednesday, 7 April.

This will be followed by two-hour discussion workshop meetings, arranged all over the country, to discuss the presentations, their relevance and the learnings. Online sessions are also available.

The concluding webinar will be held on Wednesday, 5 May at 7pm – 8pm AEST. This will be a facilitated presentation of the responses, findings and actions from the workshop groups. Find out what your colleagues around the country thought!

Face to Face components of this program are subject to Government Health requirements. In the event of restrictions, all aspects will be moved online.

Find information and register here: https://www.cdaa.org.au/Web/Events/Event_Display.aspx?EventKey=REALFUTURE

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