UOW Dean’s Scholar Program

The Dean’s Scholar (DS) Program in the Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities aims to provide an enriched educational experience for high-achieving, motivated students. The program is designed for students hoping to make contribution to fields of study through teaching or research, or as professionals.

The program offers many benefits and enriches your education through:

  • Seminars and workshops
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Access to shared study area and work space
  • Moodle site
  • Dean’s Scholar coordinators, who can assist you to monitor your progress and provide insight to study options, including admission into an Honours program.
  • Specialised Dean’s Scholar subject to extend and enrich your learning journey

Find out more about the Dean’s Scholar Program here: https://www.uow.edu.au/the-arts-social-sciences-humanities/current-students/deans-scholar/

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