Travel the world as a Flight Attendant

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Flight Attendant

What is a Flight Attendant?


Becoming a pilot isn’t the only way you can travel the skies and see the world – you could also become a Flight Attendant.

A job as a Flight Attendant generally involves:

  • greeting people when they board;
  • serving food and drinks mid-flight;
  • assisting passengers during flight;
  • being aware of any safety procedures in an emergency.

This role is great for people who are friendly and outgoing, have great customer service skills, and prepared to handle anything that might happen.


How can I become a Flight Attendant?


Unfortunately it’s usually not as simple as walking in and applying for a job. There is often training you will need to complete first, so you know you’re ready for the job. So where can you learn the skills you need to be a Flight Attendant?

A great place to start is by studying a Certificate III in Aviation (Cabin Crew). This is a 6-month course that is offered by some RTOs across Australia. You can even complete it as an apprenticeship in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

There are also shorter preparation courses you can take to become a Flight Attendant, such as Aviation Australia’s Cabin Crew Courses. These courses take less time, between 2-12 weeks, and are a great way to prepare you for your application.

Some airlines will require you to undertake a training course once you have successfully applied for the job. You can read all about the process of becoming a Flight Attendant with Qantas here to get an idea of what to expect.

Many airlines also ask you to have other relevant qualifications before you apply, such as Provide First Aid and Responsible Service of Alcohol. If you’re going to apply for a job, make sure you meet the requirements they ask for.


Where can I find out more?


If you’d like to find out more about similar jobs, take a look at our Job Spotlights on the Tourism Industry and Air Traffic Control.

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