Respectful Relationships Education

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Respectful Relationships is about creating the social change that’s needed in order to prevent gender-based violence. The aim is to provide students in classrooms the skills and knowledge to address the attitudes, behaviours, structures and practises that have contributed to a society where gender-based violence is the norm. Working together to stop violence before it starts.


A holistic perspective

Ourwatch.org has put together a whole-of-school approach. It recognises that there’s a need for the program to be modelled and practised within the whole school culture. Where schools are not only a learning centre but also as a workplace where all members need to feel safe, empowered, respected and valued.


Addressing 6 key components:

  • Teaching and learning
  • School culture and environment
  • Support for staff and students
  • Families and communities
  • Professional learning
  • Leaderships and commitment

The approach aims to provide the skills and environment to nurture the building of respectful relationships through a safe space and demonstrating appropriate behaviours.

There’s an action plan for schools to adopt, as well as tools and resources to help facilitate the implementation, learning and evaluation of its progress.

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