3 Dos and Don’ts at your first work experience placement

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If you’ve never done work experience or had a job before, going in for the first time can seem a bit scary. You might have heaps of questions racing through your mind, like what do you say, how can you make a good impression, and how should you act?

Don’t panic – Grandshake has written a great blog with 3 important dos and don’ts you can follow to make your first work experience placement great.

Here’s a quick sneak peak:

  • Do ask questions
  • Do be professional
  • Do believe in yourself
  • Don’t be negative
  • Don’t use inappropriate language
  • Don’t complain

You can take a look at their full blog here: https://www.grandshake.co/post/3-dos-and-dont-at-your-first-work-experience-placement

Grandshake also offer heaps of great virtual work experience opportunities for students. The best part about virtual work experience? You can do it from anywhere, at anytime. Check out the free programs on offer from Grandshake here.

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