Advice for students considering a career in Cybersecurity

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Braintree has just launched a new episode of the International Oyster Program with Claude Khoury, Head of Cybersecurity & Risk Services for WIPRO, Australia.

In this episode, Claude shares his insights and the importance of Cybersecurity skills in Australia. This is a career path that engages students of all characteristics as there are so many roles in this area. Claude talks about understanding your purpose and the need to be thinking ‘outside the box’ in the world we live in.

He recommends jumping in, working hard, be a good listener and a good learner.

This is a career path that will continue to evolve and grow over decades into the future, and with a shortage of skills in this space in Australia, you are well positioned to make the world your oyster! As sponsors of this program, simply email enquiries@braintree.net.au and request your enrolment in the International Oyster Program for SWG.

Find out more: https://braintree.net.au/intl-oyster-program

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