ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Awards

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The ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Awards started in 2006 to recognise students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader local community. At the same time, they recognise those who display strong values, such as doing one’s best, respect for others and “mateship”, characteristics that are integral to Australian society.

Students are selected by their school principal based on the criteria set out on the selection criteria sheet available here. Each school may select one student from each of Years 10 and 12. Recipients of a Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Award will receive a certificate and a financial reward – $250 for a Year 10 student and $550 awarded to a Year 12 student.

Schools are invited to nominate students between 14 June and 12 August.

Find out more and register here: https://www.adflongtanawards.gov.au/Default.asp

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