Study Speech Pathology in Australia

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Want to become a Speech Pathologist?


Are you interested in a career in health that’s a bit different? You might want to consider Speech Pathology. These experts assist people with communication disorders, which could be problems with speaking, listening, reading, or writing due to a variety of issues. They work with people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Your work as a Speech Pathologist can greatly help improve a person’s quality of life; so if you are seeking a rewarding and challenging career, Speech Pathology could be ideal.


How do I become a Speech Pathologist?


If you want to work as a Speech Pathologist in Australia, you will first need to complete an accredited Bachelor or Master’s-level degree. This is usually a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (3-5 years) or Master of Speech Pathology (2-3 years). There are heaps of unis around Australia that offer these accredited qualifications, including:

And heaps more. You can see a full list of accredited qualifications on Speech Pathology Australia’s website here.


Do I need to do anything else to become a Speech Pathologist?


After you’ve finished your study, you will need to become a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (CPSP) by registering with Speech Pathology Australia. Then you can work as a Speech Pathologist anywhere in Australia, including both the public and private sectors. But your training doesn’t stop there; you will need to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each year to make sure your skills and knowledge stay up to date.


Where can I learn more about Speech Pathology?


If we’ve piqued your interest in this growing and rewarding career path, you can find heaps more information on Speech Pathology Australia’s website.

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