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Looking for some great content you can use in the classroom, whether you’re teaching in class or virtually? ABC Education is packed with a whole heap of videos, lessons, articles, and heaps more content, all mapped to the Australian curriculum. And the best part is they’re all free to use.

ABC Education has content for both primary and secondary school students, and covering all topics imaginable. They also have games, competitions and events students can get involved in.

Here are some highlights we’ve picked from their resources.


Digital Careers


As the world and technology evolve around us, so do our careers. The internet in particular has influenced not only how we work, but how we look for work as well.

ABC Education has heaps of great videos about how students can use the internet responsibly, as well as interviews of some people with exciting and unexpected careers.

Take a look here.


Money and Finance


Financial literacy is key to ensuring that students grow to be financially responsible and secure. ABC Education has tons of great resources on money and finance, from tax and GST, to renting and investing, and more.

You can also access episodes of Teenage Boss, where teenagers are tasked with taking charge of the family budget, and learn a thing or two about financial planning and responsibility.

Find these resources here.


Indigenous Histories and Cultures


ABC Education has lots of engaging resources on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, covering a wide variety of subject areas. Learn about Indigenous land management, the history of discrimination and fighting for Indigenous rights, passing on knowledge through story and art, and more.

They’ve pulled together a list of their best Year 10 resources about Indigenous histories and cultures here.


Want more?


There are thousands more resources to explore, all for free, on the ABC Education site here.

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