Lockdown Resources for students

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Lockdown Resources for students

There’s no doubt about it, lock downs are tough, for so many reasons.

Students might be finding it particularly tough to stay motivated and on track with their studies. Year 11 and 12’s understandably may be particularly stressed out.

We’ll keep updating you whenever possible with news from the universities and TAC’s that could encourage them to stay positive. In the meantime we’ve put together a few resources that you can either share with your students or provide you with some inspiration to help students (and yourself) to get through this period.

Resources to share or inspire


Never Ever Give Up


Motivation and positivity during lockdown (supporting teachers and students)


Kelly Clarkson video, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger


Tough times can drive us to achieve amazing things


If you do one thing today, just make your bed


Steve Jobs – don’t give up on your dreams


“Keep going, keep going, keep going” wise words from Kid President


What’s your big why?


The future you will Thank You


Hamish Blake’s advice to his 14-year old self


PS Be yourself

PPS Look after your mental health

Mental health help in a pandemic (tips and video)


What will you do with your study breaks today?


Student Wellbeing Resources for Years 10-12


Student Wellbeing Resources for Year 7-9


Tips for motivating young people to stay active


On demand fitness apps and ideas for keeping fit at home


More ideas for keeping fit at home



Get ahead


You could also encourage your students to:

  • Plan an alternative schoolies or post lockdown celebration
  • Year 11’s set some goals for Year 12 and create a study plan to make the best use of your time
  • Start or complete projects they’d always had planned but never had time to dedicate before
  • Ask some thought provoking questions about what pathway they’d like to take after school and why
  • Research uni or VET courses they’d like to apply for
  • Start pulling together the documentation for any applications including tertiary studies, scholarships etc
  • Create or update their resume
  • Think about their core skills
  • what are they good at and how to include it on your resume
  • what areas could do with some improvement and how will they achieve that
  • If they’d like to go to uni they could take some time to read the apply to uni guide that’s just been released and plan what they need to do
  • Spend some time looking after their physical and mental health


Revisit ideas from last year


Here are some blogs we produced in 2020 when everyone was in lockdown, that could provide more useful resources.

Stuck at home?

Australian Apprenticeships

Tips for dealing with isolation

7 brain boosting snack foods

5 Study tips during CoVid-19

Need to Relax?

9 motivational tips for remote learners

Tips for online learning from a distance educator

Student wellbeing and mental health

Are you OK? | Looking after your mental health


Looking for something else?


If you’re looking for specific resources and haven’t been able to find them here, then let us know at schools@studyworkgrow.com.au and we’ll always do our best to help.

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