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During the National Careers week, WorkforceIQ launched the Work Pathways profiler and celebrated this by starting to profile 100 jobs over 100 days from our database. This coming week will see us reach the 1/3 mark for 100 jobs and we have also now released the second component of the WorkforceIQ Career Discovery system – student learning resources.

I’m sure people are familiar with the proverb:

It takes a village to raise a child“.

Meaning an entire community of people must provide for and interact positively with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment.

The WorkforceIQ Career Discovery system has been designed with a similar view. It strives to support both students and careers practitioners by creating a “careers ecosystem” with the student at the centre and an opportunity for a student to learn about careers through experiential learning. It actively seeks to involve employers, careers practitioners, support networks and influencers in a student’s career discovery journey. Whereas the system primarily seeks to equip careers practitioners as opposed to an outsource solution it also establishes a support network to allow careers practitioners to engage external support if desired.

Schools can now sign up for a free trial of the first two components of our Career Discovery program and review the student learning materials along with the full version of the work pathways profiler for 14 days. If this package, (priced at $960 per year, per school), is not of interest to the school they can continue to use the basic version of the profiler for the remainder of this year for free.

Looking to the future we have plans to roll out the other components of the system in the coming months including delivery and assessment materials for schools, the establishment of support partners and an online portal to allow easy links between employers offering work experience and schools. Watch this space!!!

Schools can

Dean Minchington, Director of WorkforceIQ, reporting back on 100 jobs in 100 days featured in the Study Work Grow news in June.

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