Casper Test | 2021-2022 Admissions

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Casper Test

What is the Casper test?


The Casper test is an online situational judgement test. Like the UCAT, it is an extra step you need to take before being admitted to some university degrees.

When taking the test, you are given a series of hypothetical scenarios, and then must answer questions about how you would respond in those scenarios.

You are asked what you would do, how you would do it, and why you would do it. The point of Casper is to assess potential university applicants for not just academic ability, but important people skills such as communication, empathy, self-awareness, and motivation.

The test is done online, so you can do it from anywhere. You are required to have a webcam for the test so they can make sure your answers are all your own.

Your results from the Casper test are used alongside your academic results (e.g. ATAR) to determine whether or not you are accepted into your chosen course.


Will I need to sit the Casper test?


The Casper test is currently used in Australia for admission to some education and health degrees. These are the courses that currently require you to sit the Casper:


When do I sit the Casper test?


There are a variety of dates throughout the year you can sit the Casper test. These dates vary depending on which course you’re applying for, and which university you want to go to. There is usually one day each month you can book to sit the Casper test.

Make sure you keep an eye on the test dates and book one as soon as possible, to avoid missing the test before university applications are due.

You can see the available dates and book here.


Where can I find out more about the Casper test?


You can find out all about the Casper test here: https://takealtus.com/casper/

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