An overseas Gap Year with Letz Live

An overseas Gap Year with Letz Live

Letz Live have been helping young Aussies get overseas on a Gap Year since 2005.

With opportunities in The UK, New Zealand and Thailand these programmes are a great way to live, work and travel overseas. You’ll be connected with a group of other participants when you arrive so you can immediately make new friends to share the experience with.


Working as Boarding Assistant


Tim from Canberra is currently on his Gap Year in New Zealand. He tells us what a standard day is like.

“When I’m not on duty in the boarding house, I wake up at 7:30am. I head over to the school dining hall where I’ll have a cooked breakfast waiting for me. I then get a text from the timetable organiser. This tells me which classes I will be supporting for the day. Sometimes I can have every period of the day and other days I’ll have a day off. When this happens I take students to appointments or help with teacher errands.
However, when I am on duty it’s very different. Wake up is at 6am, I need to go downstairs and wake up the Year 9’s at 6:30am. I make sure they’re awake and ready to go to breakfast, then wake up the year 10’s at 6:45am. This goes all the way till the year 13’s at 7:30am. Then the normal relief teaching goes on where I am told what classes I need to help out with and and where.”

Travelling during the school breaks

One of the best parts of a Gap Year is being able to explore and travel on the weekends or school holidays.

Alice, currently on her Gap Year in the UK, has spent part of the summer on a horse-riding trip in Spain. She says…

“A big part of my decision to take a gap year In the UK was the excitement of Europe being so close for our summer holiday. Myself and a fellow gap both love that our school offers riding for the girls and ourselves in our off time we are able to go out on the horses too. This prompted us to research ways we could ride during our two month break while we were away, we then landed on a riding holiday at Los Alamos in Spain. The week-long stay was one of the best choices we had made short of taking a gap year.

During this week we got the opportunity to ride through the gorgeous national park and down for gallops along the beaches of Cape Trafalgar and El Palmar.

The entire week was paradise and felt like home away from home. I have never enjoyed every aspect of a holiday more, the food, the locals, the views and environment as well as the activities. forever grateful for the opportunity to not only go to Spain but on a riding holiday in Spain, which would have been much more difficult if it weren’t for taking a gap year as being such a short flight away only made it better.”


Need more inspiration?


Many UK Gap participants visited Spain, Croatia, Greece, Italy and France during the 2021 summer break, as well as exploring The UK and Ireland. While participants in New Zealand road-tripped the South Island, skiing in Queenstown, bungy-jumping, jet-boating and more.

For travel inspiration visit the Letz Live Instagram.


Why a Gap Year shouldn’t be put on hold

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to make the most of every opportunity. Travel may always be possible, but will you be in a position to take a Gap Year further down the line?
Many applicants who had planned a Gap Year changed their plans and started uni, only to find it wasn’t what they wanted to do, and the burning desire to travel the world remains strong.
If you’re ready to take control and plan the Gap Year you’ve always dreamed of, get in touch with Letz Live.

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