Avid Research – Australian STEM Stories

Avid Research is a podcast created by Amelia, a web developer who’s been a STEM Educator, Park Ranger and long time student. Amelia has studied Geography, Geographic Information Systems, Polar Science and Teaching, accumulating 4 degrees in the process.

Since she was a little kid she loved Science and asking questions. She was fascinated with things like why there are bubbles when pancakes cook, and how aeroplanes work and was encouraged to ask “Why?” and to work out the answers.

Amelia genuinely believes interest in Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) is something universal, and that questioning and curiosity should be encouraged!

The guests on the show are people from all kinds of backgrounds, with all sorts of knowledge and experiences, and they’re all experts in their own ways. Avid Research is an opportunity to share cool stories and fun findings about the world, and to talk to cool people doing awesome stuff!

You can listen to the podcast here: https://avidresearch.com.au/

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