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Have you been considering the pathways to your dream career lately? If you have, it might help to read stories of people who have been there before you.

This is where the Australian VET Alumni Program comes in. You can search through the stories of hundreds of students who have successfully gained a qualification, and are now working in the job of their dreams.

You can see tons of info, including what they studied, where they work, why they wanted to study, and all of the different things they faced along the way.

For example, let’s take a look at two people who studied the same course: a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.

Matt Morrisey didn’t start his apprenticeship until later in life. He already had experience in management, but in a different industry. He’d always loved cooking and finally decided to make a change; 22 months after he finished his apprenticeship, he was appointed Head Chef of Bent Spoke Brewing Company in Canberra.

Alyssa Jayne Heard’s career started when she was just 15. She was working as a waitress when the head chef discovered her passion for cooking and offered her an apprenticeship. She’s since gone on to win multiple awards and is currently upskilling with a Certificate III in Patisserie.

See how two different people have created their pathway to their dream job? Maybe it will inspire you too.

You can find heaps more success stories here: https://www.myskills.gov.au/the-australian-vet-alumni-program/

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