7 quick ways to wind down once school is over for 2021

7 quick ways to wind down once school is over for 2020

Not everyone can walk away from the end of a school year and get your head straight into holiday mode. If you’re one of those who needs to work a little harder at stepping back from your responsibilities, here’s our suggestions for 7 quick ways to wind down once school is over for 2021.


Turn off your alarms and reminders


It’s such a simple thing to do but it feels amazing. If it’s not something you normally do, you should seriously give it a try.

Unless of course you have work, in which case don’t turn off all your alarms.


Sweep away the evidence of the school year


Have a big clear out at home.

Empty out your school bag (finding a leftover packed lunch in January won’t be a good start to your year) and put it away, deep in the recesses of your wardrobe.

Pack away all of your schoolbooks and notes – out of sight is after all out of mind – and take down your study plans.

You could even go one step further if you’re done at school for good and give away your textbooks to siblings, friends, or charity shops. If they’re in good shape, you could even sell a few and make a few dollars.


Organise a celebration (or two)


The end of a school year, the start of the summer, and Christmas coming up are three great reasons to celebrate at the best of times. This year, celebrations are more deserved than ever.

So why not go ahead and organise some epic celebrations. Have a chat with your friends and family, see if they have any suggestions or plans that might inspire you. Find out if they have any previous commitments you’ll have to work around to avoid disappointment.

Plan a big COVID compliant party and invite all your friends along, if your parents are up for it.

Not into parties? That’s OK, you could organise a pamper day for yourself and a close friend or family member. Luxuriate in a day spent around the pool or at the beach, with nothing to do but relax and have fun.

Organise a camping trip or a few nights away.

Go to your favourite restaurant.

Or spend a whole day in bed watching movies.

Enjoy the outdoors


No doubt you’ve spent the last term studying, which probably meant lots of time head down indoors. If you were unlucky enough to have another lock down too, then you’ve probably experienced some serious cabin fever.

Well, once school and exams are out of the way, it’s the perfect time to get outside and soak up some vitamin D.

Whether you love playing sports, going for hikes, riding your bike, getting down to the skate park, swimming or just hanging out with friends – now’s the time to indulge.

If you’d just like to read a book and nap, put up a hammock, or spread a comfy rug in the shade and enjoy, you can do that too.


Catch up


When life is busy, it feels like there is no time to do all the things you enjoy and see all the people you’d really love to.

A rewarding way to unwind could be to get stuck into all the projects or hobbies you haven’t had time to do, or call family or friends who are miles away and take as long as you like on the call (check you’re not getting charged for international rates first).

Or if you’re lucky enough to live near to all your family and best friends, plan to spend some time with them or organise to do something fun together.


Repair your body and mind


Stress, exhaustion, burnout – they’re all real and they can all take a toll on your physical and mental health.

Spend a little bit of time on self-care.


  • Meditation or other relaxation techniques
  • Have a massage
  • Write down your worries or share them with a friend or family member
  • Eat well and take the time to prepare delicious healthy meals
  • Do some exercise (even if it isn’t your favourite thing, it can work wonders)
  • Catch up on any sleep you’ve missed out on

You don’t have to deny yourself late nights, parties, or eating your favourite things, it’s not about punishment. But finding some balance and prioritising your health could be a rewarding way to wind down.


Prioritise yourself


It’s not selfish to do what you enjoy and look after yourself, so don’t be afraid to say no.

Think about things you’d like to do or achieve next year that maybe weren’t an option in 2021. It could help you be positive and start next year in a really good place.

If there are big events coming up in your life like starting uni, going into Year 12, subject selections, milestone birthdays, etc., then why not do a little forward planning and think about way you can make your life easier and more fun.

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