National Skills Commission NERO Data Dashboard

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What is NERO?


The National Skills Commission (NSC) Nowcast of Employment by Region and Occupation (NERO) dashboard provides data on employment levels, both by job and location. It’s a great way to see how the landscape of jobs has changed across Australia, and how it might change into the future.

You can search 355 occupations across 88 regions in Australia. Until now, this type of data was only readily available every five years as part of the Census. With NERO, this information is right at your fingertips.


What can you do?


The NERO dashboard lets you search for your dream job, and then see how employment in that job has changed in different areas.

For example, if you want to be an accountant in Melbourne, here’s the data you’ll see.

It’s a handy way of easily seeing trends in employment, as well as maybe even predicting future trends.

You can even compare data between different locations to help you make a decision about your career.


Find out more


Access the NERO data dashboard here: https://www.nationalskillscommission.gov.au/our-work/nero

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